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A bellwether is a person who takes lead or initiative. In popular culture it refers to a trendsetter. 

Our vision at Bellwethers is to build a community of leaders who are equipped and empowered to change the world. Through our various initiatives we help propel a vision to equip leaders for the future and with a mission to empower leaders effectively and efficiently. 



Bellwethers Podcast aims to enlighten minds with featuring some leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers from all around the world and tell stories of how they achieved what every one else thought was impossible.

360 Blog

Our blog is a bundle of resources aimed to help you be more organized as a leader and help you lead better as a leader. Our resources are created by our amazing content team who work round the clock to create some of the best leadership content available. 


Avoda is a collective of entrepreneurs and leaders with a vision to encourage and empower similar business leaders in the community. Avoda is a conference powered by Bellwethers partnering with multiple collaborators across the globe.


Arete is a concept in ancient Greek that, in its most basic sense, refers to 'excellence' of any kind—especially a person or thing's "full realization of potential or inherent function. Arete is focused on building leaders of excellence through our online sessions. Arete launches in February 2023. Join our mailing list to hear more updates about Arete.

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